Hyundai Sunday

The brief
Communicate the launch of the new Hyundai i10 – the car manufacturer’s most compact model. The main target group was narrowed down to young adults living in Sweden’s three biggest cities: Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö.

Rather than talking about it being the perfect car for driving in the city, we chose to communicate the Hyundai i10 as being perfect for getting out.

The work
Hyundai Sunday is our way of re-claiming Sundays as a day for rest and recreation, aimed to showcase the possibilities lurking just a short drive from the city center. To tell the stories of all possible Sunday outings, we took help from our time's favorite storyteller – ChatGPT.

By developing a user-friendly Sunday simulator, users had their own Hyundai Sunday generated in front of their eyes. You choose what city you’re starting from, how long you wish to stay out, and what you’d like to experience from your Sunday. The rest is taken care of by ChatGPT. To further spread our message, we got help from three ambassadors; Amani Smith, Hampus Marcussen, and William Forsberg, who shared their very own Hyundai Sundays.