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AWB recommends you to order your food from 100 great restaurants, always delivered within an hour.

TT Testar
NIKE – Crafted for destruction
Boqueria - Launch
Erikshjälpen – #intetillsalu
Polar Music Prize

AWB is a modern lead agency offering specialist services in several areas; PR, Advertising, Content, Showroom, Design, Event and Integrated campaigns. We are 20 people with diverse experiences and competences.

At AWB we:

Make brands culturally relevant.

Urge brands to think like media to be relevant for consumers.

Argue that effective communication lies in the idea that delivers the client value, not in the marketing discipline of the hour.

We deliver marketing solutions for the modern markeeter with industry leading creativity regardless of channel choices.

Tanja Määttä
Head of PR
Hanna Fäste
PR Advisor
Erik Edmark
Project Manager
Evelina Appelskog
PR Advisor
Martin Bundock
Senior PR Advisor
Jimmy Johansson
Fanny Larsson
Project Manager
Jennie Göthberg
PR Advisor
Jocke Jonason
Creative Director
Harnet Berhe
Project Manager
Cornelia Waldersten Årfors
Art Director
Gunnar Gidefeldt
Mathias Rosenqvist
Joanna Sundberg
Showroom Manager
Mattias Carlsson
Project Manager
Christian Daflos
Digital Manager
Nicole von Baumgarten
Showroom Assistant

Brunnsgatan 13