The brief
Create a PR driven campaign for Johnnie Walker in Sweden inspiring gift buyers to consider buying Johnnie Walker Black Label as a desirable gift for those who inspire them to take bold steps.

The work
We positioned Johnnie Walker as the perfect gift this festive season by inspiring others to take bold steps for a richer life. AWB did this by partnering up with Gather festival and Eden to create our own off-season version of the Gather festival, GATHERON. A creative, forward-learning and boundary-breaking afternoon that inspired consumers to take bold steps by introducing them to new skills, perspectives and experiences. Through talks and workshops built on inspiring people who have gone beyond their fears in various ways, artists who extend reality, their art and their own imagination as time progresses to elevate the mindset. The more niche and intimate version of the Gather festival was filled with immersive and interactive ‘live experiences and workshops’ connected to creativity, technology, music, food, art and design. The speakers, panel discussions and workshop featured Gabriella Overödder, Irena Pozar, Olle Strandberg, Deqa Abukar, Degmo Daar, Broken Int and Ikram Abdulkadir. Additionally, two live performances by artists Mopiano and Broder John finished off the night followed by DJ Håll käften och dansa.