AWB is a creative communications agency working with our clients to make their brands culturally relevant.

Since launching in 2004, we have been partner owned with a strong entrepreneurial culture.

Our passion and background in popular culture and continuing involvement enable us to deliver relevant, engaging and creative marketing solutions across all channels.

AWB handle all client requirements regardless if it lies in digital or traditional media, from strategy to concept, design to activation.



We believe that communication grounded in the values of society will create long-term profitability. Therefore, in our creative process we always look at and draw conclusions of the client’s content, like what makes the client unique in their field. In the intersection of the content and their context, the strongest ideas are created.

When taking on a new assignment, we have a clear process. In larger projects we go through all the steps, whilst for smaller projects we may only follow a few. But as a rule of thumb, we never skip the first step where we define the goals and the initial values and requirements of the client. We are also always sure to follow the final step of evaluating and formulating conclusions and learnings.



AWB offer clients both a digital and physical showroom within the field of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. We know that different brands have different needs which we meet through customizing unique concepts for each client.

We currently have 17 brands presented in our showroom – UNIQLO, Levi’s®, Nike Running, Nike Training, Nike Sportswear, Dr. Martens, Sandqvist, Casall, Tretorn, Wood Wood, Happy Socks, Hysteria by Happy Socks, Muji, Harman International, JBL, IAMELENI and Philips Beauty. Interested? Email us to book an appointment or just swing by for a coffee.



We’d love to get to know you better. Come visit us any time, give us a call or drop an email if you prefer. Cheerio!