We are proud to announce the launch of the Scandinavian Detours glamping experience at Fejan Outdoor this summer, a concept AWB has developed together with Talisker!

This summer, Talisker launches a glamping experience at Fejan Outdoor in the archipelago of Stockholm, together with Danish star chef Mikkel Karstad and World Class bartender Mate Csatlos. The glamping experience is a part of Scandinavian Detours, an adventure guide Talisker has developed together with some of the top adventurers in Scandinavia. With Scandinavian Detours, Talisker wants to encourage more people to discover the amazing and largerly undiscovered nature of Scandinavia.



Find out more about the glamping experience and the adventure guide at Scandinavian Detours website. The dates available for booking are 15 – 16th of June and 3 – 4th of August.