Like every year, it’s the talk of the town. No one could have missed that Stockholm Fashion Week AW18 took place a couple of weeks ago here in Stockholm.

And of course we have things to tell you about it!

There is something special about fall collections that makes us long for a new wardrobe; we basically want to buy it all. This year we saw a lot of interesting pieces and previous iconic looks on a whole new level. For example, the fabulous and stylish silk trend, that took a huge leap into fashion only about a year ago, is now the trend we spotted from head to toe – worn in light colours. For example a dressed up suit where both jacket and trousers were made of shimmering silk. If you’re not ready to commit fully to the trend you could get a long, dark, silk dress and use as a cover up instead – perfect for the fall breeze. Ida Klamborn presented a great silky touch in her collection as well, style this with a pair of cool Dr. Martens and your outfit is done.

Another trend that we spotted this season was the dark velvets – especially in mens clothing. Indulge in the trend by wearing both a pair of trousers and a jacket in velvet and you’re good to go, Mister!

Turtlenecks are a great piece for fall and is still a go to for this season. But if you’re not a fan of the strangling shirt from the 15th century, you can always cover up and elongate your neck with a pretty neck warming scarf, inspired by the AW18 runway.

The faux fur is also still a must-have and they come in all different styles and colours – which one is your favorite? Our pick is definitely a one in a bold colour, perhaps fiery red or cobalt blue – if we’re brave enough, that is.

There are always things that fascinate us about Fashion Week. The one thing that made us extra curious this time around was the fact that Grand Hotel didn’t serve any alcoholic beverages.

Maybe the designers were afraid that drinks could ruin their light and silky masterpieces. Or maybe there were a bigger statement behind that decision.

But there is one thing we’re sure about, and that is the fact that the upcoming season will give us spectacular looks on the streets of Stockholm. Remember – the Scandinavian fashion never goes of style.