awb’s purpose and
legal basis

Processing of the personal data of our customers, suppliers, partners and their representatives may be necessary to be able to fulfill agreements and provide our services.

AWB’s purpose and goal is to distribute the right information to the right people on behalf of the customers. AWB can get in touch with people based on our organization, other organizations, media and influencers in the interest of having contact and building social networks. The processing of personal data that follows in these cases is thus based partly on AWB’s interest in completing various assignments and partly on each individual’s own interests and commitments. When AWB processes personal data based on such a basis, a weighing of interest takes place in each individual case.

If you are looking to work for AWB, we handle your information based on our legitimate interest in the running of each individual recruitment process.

In some cases, AWB will obtain your consent when we collect personal data, but you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

Your personal data may be shared with our service providers when required to enable us to provide our services e.g. our IT systems and e-mail services. Your personal data may also be shared with certain stakeholders and business partners. Personal data transferred to our service providers may not be used for anything other than what they were originally intended for.

Personal data may also be shared to comply with the law or authority decisions. If AWB is sold or transferred, wholly or in part, personal data may be transferred to the acquiring company as part of the sale or transfer. In addition, AWB will never sell information about anyone without obtaining approval.

We do our processing of personal data primarily in Sweden. We may transfer your personal data to our customers or service providers who process personal data in countries both inside and outside the EU/EEA when they perform services on behalf of us or receive our services. In these cases, we will take appropriate protective measures and other measures required by applicable data protection legislation.

We give high priority to the security of your personal data and take all the appropriate security measures to protect your information from loss, alteration, abuse, destruction, and unauthorized or unauthorized access. We continuously improve our security measures in accordance with the progress and development that is being made in the technical field.

AWB will process personal data in accordance with applicable law, but no data that exists and is transmitted through the Internet can be guaranteed 100% protection.

Your personal data is saved as long as there is a purpose and legal basis in accordance with the Privacy Policy or in accordance with requirements imposed on AWB by law or by authority decision.

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If you wish to no longer take part in our inquiries, offers, products, and events, please contact us via

If you want information about which personal data we have about you or access, request correction, limit the use, or object to our handling of your personal data, please contact us via

Our personal data management based on your consent can at any time be terminated by a revocation of your consent.

If you are not satisfied with the way in which we have handled your personal data, you have the right to report this to the competent supervisory authority.

We may update our Privacy Policy.
The latest version will always be available on our website.


Contact information, such as name, email address, addresses, telephone number.1. Customers
2. Editors and other media representatives
3. Stylists
4. Influencers, social media profiles and similar partners
5. People who will attend events or other activities
6. Representatives of suppliers and partners (eg photographers, IT providers, courier companies, taxi companies)
7. Other people with whom we have contact based on their professional role
1. Agreement, legitimate interest
2. Legitimate interest, consent
3. Legitimate interest, consent
4. Legitimate interest, consent, agreement
5. Legitimate interest, consent
6. Agreement, legitimate interest, consent
7. Agreement, legitimate interest
Clothing and shoe size, birthday, special diets, allergies, information about social media (number of followers etc.) and various engagements1. People who will attend events or other activities 1. Legitimate interest, consent
2. Legitimate interest, consent
Information about special diets, allergies.1. Stylists
2. Influencers, social media profiles and other partners
1. Legitimate interest, consent
Payment information1. Representatives of suppliers and partners (eg photographers, IT providers, courier companies, taxi companies)1. Agreement