To get a peek at Spring/Summer 2018, AWB attending Copenhagen’s Fashionfair and Stockholm Fashion Week, giving us the first look at what trends will be launching in Scandinavia and worldwide!

We believe Copenhagen to be one of the front runners in the fashion world, providing constant inspiration in all areas of the business and art form. Even Leandra Medine, known internationally for her lifestyle and fashion site “ManRepeller” has appointed ‘Scandies’ as the new style-inspiration for the season.

During Stockholm Fashion Week, we saw a lot of fur. The fur trend is a timeless style, but designers and fashion houses are constantly finding ways to reinvent the look through new shapes and colours.

In terms of colourways, a soft lilac colour was spotted throughout the streets and runways alike. The fresh colour works perfectly paired with a bold red garment too. We’re hanging onto this trend from fall for a little bit longer!

We saw statement sneakers with bold monograms and chunky soles. We also spotted the very cool and bold heel which we in Sweden would call a classic ‘Taxklack’. No more super high heels! Let´s do like the Danes and keep it low.

Checks and stripes continue to cover the fashion world and let’s be honest, could we ever get enough of the ‘Gossip Girl’ trend?! Don’t think so.

My final thoughts on the season? If we continue to look to the iconic 70´s looks and dig around our grandparents wardrobe for new season styles, you’ll be good to go.

P.S Don’t forget your scarf! Wear it in your own personal way, adding some staple earrings to complete your new look. Done!