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The brief
Continue Talisker’s tradition of encouraging people to embrace their adventurous side and explore their surroundings.

The work
Talisker is made by the sea. It’s in our nature to show gratitude to our surroundings, the local wilderness and our nearby environment. For years we’ve been working together with Talisker to inspire people in Scandinavia to discover their domestic treasures. Not only because it’s sustainable, it’s truly rewarding and plenty of fun. As explorers we know that you don’t always have to travel far, adventure could be just around the corner.

This summer we created the Talisker Adventure Guide. An expansive guide (both physical and digital) to beautiful, scenic and adventurous places in the Swedish nature, made in collaboration with Swedish adventurer Linda Åkerberg. To promote the guide, we put together an exclusive camper van weekend for influencers and consumers in Sweden and Denmark. They were able to borrow a fully equipped camper van for a weekend which included a whisky tasting, a three-course outdoor dinner, and of course plenty of outdoor activities.

The campaign highlighted twelve amazing and breath taking spots from north to south and also included unique recipes for outdoor cooking, created by foraging chef Niki Sjölund and wilderness Talisker cocktails, created by outdoors orientated bartender Mixed by Bella