Today Velour are pushing development forward with sustainability. They created the worlds first Svanen eco-labeled jeans and chinos together with a well dressed look for the man in tune with the times.

The evolution of the Swedish menswear Velour by Nostalgi started when in 1997, Per Andersson (now Creative Director of the label) and a couple of friends opened the up-cycled store ’Nostalgi’ in Gothenburg, Sweden. In 2002 they took the steps towards designing their own collection, offering replicas of iconic garments from the fashion world. Today the label are front-runners in both the sustainability and fashion game, launching the world’s first Svanen eco-labeled jeans and chinos. Read more about Velour by Nostalgi here.

What we do

We work together with Velour by Nostalgi to strengthen the brand awareness and educate about the sustainability focus that Velour offer their customers. The collections are available in AWB showroom. We also handle media relations, PR and seeding for the label.