About Svanen

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel, commonly known in the Nordic countries as ‘the Swan’, was born 25 years ago when the Nordic council of ministers founded label to help consumers choose environmentally conscious products. Find out more about Svanen here.


Svanen wanted to create a platform that could help them attract a broader target group, reclaiming their position as the leading expert in the arena for sustainability discussions.


Most Swedes are aware that the environment is likely our biggest global challenge. We believe that we’re an eco-friendly nation, but when we tested Swedes’ knowledge of environmental and sustainability issues 92 % Swedes failed. People want to make environmentally friendly choices but they don’t know how. Due to the massive amount of information, the consumers rely more and more on influencers to curate and validate the content they consume.


After these findings, Svanen encouraged all Swedes to enroll in their new program, ‘The most important classroom in the world’. The unique digital platform teaches subjects on the environment, society and sustainability. It contains series of lectures led by a number of Swedish influencers, ranging from professors to vloggers.