/// dr. martens

The brief
Deliver a PR campaign for Dr. Martens key story Unpolished with a focus on the classical Dr. Martens styles to invite new consumers and remind existing consumers of the Dr. Martens brand and its connection to culture.

The work
Dr. Martens have through time had a strong link to culture and music, and have been embraced by musicians, activists and members of various subcultures to become a symbol of bravery to express yourself and your own style. As part of this, the creative project between Dr. Martens and Dopest shining a spotlight on “icons wearing icons” with music artists Cleo and Gonza, connecting their style and wearing iconic and classic Dr. Martens shoes to their iconic music collective Random Bastards. Dopest interviewed the artists, linking each artist to an iconic Dr. Martens style and had deep discussions about their relationship to music, style and being from the north of Sweden. The content creation features Unpolished products styled with their own pieces of clothing and tells personal stories about their passion for nature, the urban city and music culture. The styles worn are Jadon, 1460, 1461 and 2976.