launch of torsgatan 26

/// united spaces

The brief
AWB was asked to launch United Spaces latest co-working space Torsgatan 26 in one of Stockholm’s most iconic but forgotten buildings.

The work
The magnificent property Torsgatan 26, was designed by Ferdinand Boberg in 1906. Together with architect and design firm Specific Generic, United Spaces has turned Torsgatan 26 into a location inspired by both art nouveau and our current time. The plan when launching this project was to make it a new destination for Stockholmers and revitalize an otherwise forgotten part of Torsgatan. We set up a classic media outreach announcing the opening of the Co-Working space in advance of the opening and created the press materials for the launch which also included interior press imagery. We staged a press breakfast to showcase the venue, several interviews with the designers of the space Specific Generic and arranged several one-on-one tours for those who could not make it due to COVID-19 restrictions. On the actual opening day, we arranged a full day of podcast recordings to launch the podcast studio curated by podcast Karriärskontraktet.