Tenson is a Swedish outdoor brand founded in 1951 in Varberg. Tenson offers comfortable and functional garments, especially outer wear and ski garments for women, men and kids. Since the start Tenson has developed their own functional material such as mpc and AIR PUSH. Tenson sells mainly in Sweden, The Netherlands and Denmark.


Over the past ten years, Tenson has focused on sales rather than marketing and brand building. The outdoor clothing market is crowded with international and Swedish competitors. Brands that have claimed different positions regarding sustainability, fashion, multi function, price and heritage. Among this strong competition Tenson needed to refocus, to find their inner mission and differentiate themselves from the rest.

What we did

AWB researched the market, analyzed the competition and discovered a unique position for Tenson as well as a new mission. Tenson is on a mission to democratize nature. Through their affordable essentials they make the outdoors accessible for everyone. Not just for people with plenty of knowledge or money. Tenson’s target group is the down to earth explorers. We wrapped up the new position in an extensive brand platform along with brand values and a suiting tonality. This will be the foundation for Tenson’s future adventures on the outdoor clothing market.



Tenson is a Swedish outdoor brand founded in Varberg in 1951. They focus on essential, functional clothing and gear that people can afford. Their passion for nature is genuine, and with that comes an enthusiasm to make the outdoors accessible for everyone.

What we do

AWB is a strategic partner to Tenson. So far we’ve had the opportunity to work on a new brand platform. A platform that will strengthen the brand and create new associations. As well as secure a unique position on the outdoor market.