clear water quest

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The brief
To create a branding campaign that will continue building Talisker’s position as the true outdoor and adventure whisky brand.

The work
Whisky is made of only three ingredients; yeast, barley and water. By adding water to a whisky you can also open it up and discover new notes. Thus water is very much important in the world of whisky. Sweden is world known for its clean water. Beginning of September we invited a carefully selected group of adventurous influencers to go on a quest to find Sweden’s cleanest water. The quest lead to Rissajaure, also called Trollsjön, in the Kärkevagge valley in Kiruna, far up in the north of Sweden. Trollsjön is the purest lake in Sweden and is composed of meltwater from the surrounding glaciers. To get there we went on an adventurous scenic hike. At Trollsjön we carried out an extraordinary whisky tasting using the clear water from Trollsjön to enhance the taste of the Talisker whisky.