staycation squad

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The brief
Deliver a campaign to increase awareness of the new Gordon’s Alcohol Free 0.0% and introduce Gin drinkers to the new Gordon’s Alcohol Free 0.0% for when they aren’t drinking.

The work
Post pandemic a lot of people still choose to not travel abroad during the summer and enjoy a true staycation, the reason being both chaos at airports, passport or climate change. Also staying at home means the possibility to enjoy your own city and the culture in a new, more relaxed way. We wanted to celebrate the community that contributes to this by establishing the Gordon’s 0,0% Staycation Squad. The Staycation Squad, including Sotarn, Aline Bennour and Alicia Bocio, showed their secret gems in the city for people staying at home in the summer or other recommendations for spending time at home together with friends. To encourage more people to join our Staycation Squad we created a limited merch collection consisting of a t-shirt, a crew neck and a tote bag which launched during an event and sold in a limited edition at No Cricket Stockholm. The collection was created by illustrator Leo Lyxx and produced by the local printing partner Every Night Studios in Stockholm.