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The brief
To create a campaign to generate visibility for Zacapa during the gifting period, October to December.

The work
Zacapa rum is an expression of patience and one of the world’s most exquisite tasting rum. It is aged to perfection in the highlands of Quetzaltenango in Guatemala where it develops its complex flavor and character. To honor the process, it’s time to slow things down in the bar as well. A slowly crafted cocktail experience that needs several days, or even weeks, to reach perfection. A truly delicate cocktail that guests can reserve and get updates on the process. We teamed up with Berns Asiatiska in Stockholm and Bar Ruby in Copenhagen to create cocktails that needs several days, or even weeks, to reach perfection. To create visibility for the campaign and get people to pre-book these unique cocktails we created beautiful content for each step of the slowtending process for our bar partners to use in their social channels. We also carried out a PR outreach and invited influencers to try the cocktail before everyone else. 


Good things take time to create and embracing the art of slow is in the DNA of Zacapa. The Zacapa Signature Slow Cocktails contained complex infusions, syrups, homegrown herbs, tinctures and fermentation and all the delicate cocktail ingredients needed weeks to mature. Finally we ended up with slowly crafted cocktails with truly exquisite taste.