About Red Bull

Red Bull Energy Drink is a functional beverage providing various benefits to those who enjoy it. Its effects are recognized throughout the world by top athletes, busy professionals, college students and travelers alike.


With its 220 km long track above the arctic circle, Nordenskiöldsloppet holds the spot of the world’s longest classical ski race. With a history dating back to 1884, it’s also one of the oldest organized races in the world.


The extreme competition increasing in intensity by the hour. The participants in these kind of races have one thing in common, if you challenge them, they simply can’t say no. That idea was what we based the whole campaign on.


We targeted this group by observing them on social media, related articles about our targets and other sports related behavior. We found out where we could hit them where it hurt the most. The next step in our mission to provoke and raise awareness to the public was to target people near gyms in the center of Stockholm and other training facilities. We even made up a fake persona that had signed up for the race but wished to get rid of his starting number because he realized this surely wasn’t for him.