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The brief
AWB was asked to achieve deep consumer connectivity by showcasing the timelessness and durability of Dr. Martens product through engaging storytelling. The activation should drive awareness / re-appraisal with 20-34 by showcasing the range and demonstrating how to wear it, whilst ensuring not to dilute brand essence and grow top of mind with lapsed owners by showing that Dr. Martens has more than one style and continues to be rooted in sub-culture.

The work
The Reboot concept was inspired by the Dr. Martens Presents concept that had already been launched in the UK but adapted and re-worked to fit the local Nordic market. Dr. Martens Presents Reboot is a concept created to support up-and-coming talent, champion creativity and the resilient spirit of grassroots artists and creative minds in the Nordics (Sweden, Norway, and Denmark). The initiative was built on continuing Dr. Martens long-standing commitment to create communities within the creative industries and fueling music subcultures. 

The campaign was divided into two parts:

Part 1 – Talent campaign:
We invited six up-and-coming cultural leaders to create their timeless look together with one of Dr. Martens iconic products to celebrate the anniversary and heritage of the brand. The look was to be inspired by a cultural moment from the last 6 decades. The content was used in the profile’s social channels, through PR, and in Dr. Martens’ own channels.

Part 2 – Media partnership with creative platform Tukio and six Nordic music artists:
In December, AWB launch the creative concept Dr. Martens Presents Reboot which was a partnership with Tukio – a unique cultural platform and radio station to tell the stories of musicians who are not only surviving but thriving and innovating when met with these extraordinary challenges to music culture. From 14th until 20th of December Tukio published a series of live mixes and video portraits from six emerging Nordic artists in collaboration with Dr. Martens. The campaign material was based on user-generated content sent from the local artists and published in Tukio:s channels, artists channels, and in Dr. Martens channels.

Artists included in the project
B-boy Myhre
Laura Lilholt Andersen
Besatt mag
Kamohelo Khoaripe