Here comes a sneak peak of our brand building campaign for Philips OneBlade, Embrace the Skägg, that challenges society’s existing beard norms

More info coming soon.



Philips is one of the largest electronics manufactures in the world. The Philips OneBlade is a revolutionary electric razor that is able to trim, style and shave all kind of beards, with the same razor blade. What makes the Oneblade unique is that it shaves the beard, not the skin.

What we do

AWB is the strategic and creative partner for Philips OneBlade. We support the with developing new ideas and activations to strengthen the brand on the Nordic markets. This year we created a campaign called ”Embrace the Skägg”. The main component of the campaign was a beard guide for men with normal and not so perfect the beards. With the campaign we aimed at challenging society’s beard norms. Take a closer look on the campaign here.