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The brief
Celebrate true craftsmanship and position Johnnie Walker as the perfect gift for any occasion.

The work
Johnnie Walker has defined high quality whisky and craft since 1820. Everything they do – from their unparalleled whisky range with its signature bold and vibrant flavors, to the inviting cocktail recipes – has been carefully developed with passion, curiosity and expertise. With a pioneering and innovative spirit, they have a long tradition of working with skillful and contemporary creatives, who keep walking to a more positive future.

To celebrate true craftsmanship we developed the concept Johnnie Walker Novelties – a limited edition of hand blown highball whisky glasses, crafted by Persson & Persson
, a small glasswork studio located in Småland in the southern part of Sweden. The Novelties highball collection was sold exclusively in the interior store Esterior during December 2021. Influencers and media were also invited to an exclusive launch event.

With a focus on recycling and art glass, the acclaimed glass artists Morgan and his wife Elin has turned used Johnnie Walker bottles into unique, aesthetic and unforgettable collectibles, designed to last. Persson & Persson makes all their craft on their farm in Ösjöbol, Sweden. Here in Småland’s vast countryside, far away from the urban life in the city, the creative and innovative couple has specialized in creating eco-friendly wine and drinking glasses with a stylistic expression, created with empty glass bottles.

Highballs are everywhere at the moment. Perfect for long and refreshing drinks, they are not a single serve, but more a style, open to interpretation and innovation. In their simplest form, they consist of spirit, a balanced mixer and a fresh, uplifting garnish, while at their most complex they are an intricate balance of sweet, sour, salt and bitter. The one constant is that they are long, cool, crisp and wonderfully refreshing. The Novelties highball glass is the ultimate companion to your favorite highball whisky cocktail. It’s perfect for any occasion and works perfectly with Johnnie Walker. Let’s toast to that and keep on walking.