non-alc masterclass

/// seedlip

The brief
Create a campaign that would raise awareness about Seedlip and teach the Danish how to make fantastic non-alcoholic cocktails.

The work
Few have missed the trend with No or Low beverages which for several years has grown steadily in the Nordics. But those who opt out of alcohol have long been overlooked. The host is careful to choose the right wine for the meal, or a trendy drink for the evening whilst non-alcoholic cocktails is something that many do not think about until the last minute. This was something Seedlip, the non-alcoholic spirits brand, wanted to change. Therefore, they hosted a cocktail masterclass, together with a World Class winning bartender, to educate Danes on how to make tasty and simple non-alcoholic cocktails. To spread the word, we invited influencers to the masterclass and carried out a PR outreach with the cocktail recipes. We also collaborated with the trendsetting restaurant Apollo Bar who created content on the Seedlip cocktails for their social channels and offered one of the cocktails on their menu for a month.