About Moderna Museet

Stockholm’s Moderna Museet (Museum of Modern Art) is one of the world’s leading museums and communities for art lovers and cultural enthusiasts. Here you will find one of Europe’s premier collections of modern and contemporary art with the vision of being an open museum in an open world.


Stockholm’s Moderna Museet took on the assignment of highlight one of our time’s most serious challenges – climate change. They felt that climate change and our need to adapt to it was often talked about in a negative way. Moderna Museet therefore wanted to highlight this challenge in an uplifting, creative and inspiring way and make people take part of the journey. They did this through the project entitled ‘Acclimatize’. With help from the young, creative communities they wanted to start a discussion based on hope and positivity rather than hopelessness.


In order to get people to create entries for the digital exhibition, we reached out to ten talented young artists within ten different fields and asked them to take part. These entries helped to kickstart the project and help explain the aim.


The ten entries were uploaded as the first entries on the digital exhibition page, highlighted across the artist’s personal channels as well as in the Modern Museum’s and AWB’s channels. The digital exhibition was open for submissions for two months and you can still visit it here. Moderna Museet also held an opening night with creative speakers, performances and DJs.


The project received a lot of positive comments and engagement. Acclimatize received entries from all over the world and managed to showcase the climate change challenges in a more creative, inspiring and positive way. We hope this was the start of something even bigger.