/// united spaces

The brief
Create a brand building campaign that would build awareness of United Spaces and get more companies to switch from traditional offices to United Spaces’ co-working spaces.

The work
The pandemic has fundamentally changed our way of working. For many companies it has become very difficult to get people back into the office and five days a week in the office is history. The new hybrid model is great in many ways – but it can also mean that it can get very lonely, uninspiring and quite depressing in the office when half the workforce is working from home. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this challenge. Enter United Spaces. By offering an office experience that is far above the ordinary, they create a working spaces that make people long to go to work. To communicate this in a little different way we created a content campaign campaign where we in an humoristic way portrayed the traditional, half-empt and uninspiring office spaces. We wanted to create recognition around the office anxiety many people feel post the pandemic.