de dolda matinspiratörerna

/// larsa

The brief
To create a campaign that would strengthen Larsa’s brand and position them as an authentic brand delivering tasty food from the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean.

The work
We created a brand building campaign called “De dolda matinspiratörerna” where you got to meet the hidden sources of inspiration behind the food profiles @christinkashou, @petite.foods and @aadel. Because behind each of these is a hidden kitchen hero who brought his or her family’s food culture and family recipes to the new homeland and then passed on the food traditions to the children. In three episodes, you get to know about these fantastic peoples’ colorful life stories while they share their best family recipes. Through the series, Larsa wanted to get even more people to discover the fantastic food from the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, and contribute to more meetings between people from different cultures.