daily glow

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The brief
Launch the new product Daily Glow through a digital spring campaign, covering all journey stages.

The work
Verso’s goal is to help their customers to combine a healthy skincare routine with a busy, contemporary lifestyle by offering products that deliver performance without fuss. Daily Glow is a vitamin-boosting cream for glowing skin that improves topical dullness and skin texture and was launched in spring 2021. We created a visual landscape praising the awakening and the bright light that shines through promising a new start. An elegant 360 concept in a relaxed setting that revolves around one woman as she goes about her day, embracing the dawn of spring.

To realize our overall concept and visual idea we teamed up with several talented artists and creatives such as Morgan Norman, Naive, Hilda Sandström, Pekka Stålnacke, Mattias Nyhlin, and The Bunch