classic meets contemporary

/// dr. martens

The brief
Deliver a PR campaign for Dr. Martens key story Never Normal with a focus on innovation and new technology within fashion.

The work
Dr. Marten’s Never Normal campaign focuses a lot on innovation and new technology within fashion, which is also a big trend in the Nordics at the moment. The future of art is digital and it is our belief that through new technology, new artists will arise, no matter what creed or medium. The scene is forever changing, and it’s our call to be in the forefront of this change. We saw a major opportunity here to position Dr. Martens among the young creatives in the field of digital art and launched the Classic Meets Contemporary art exhibition at Crum Heaven in Stockholm to showcase new talent within digital art. We teamed up with neon artist Josefin Eklund and 3D artist Ingrid Arnsand Jonsson and asked them to interpret the products into the art that they are making. The outcome was a cultural evening showcasing the five final art pieces that were for sale to the benefits of the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights organization (RFSL).