Goda Livet came to us with an idea of a brand new concept. They wanted to launch a new Spanish restaurant in the newly opened Stockholm shopping center, MOOD, and they needed our help to do it. We took the opportunity to make the launch a success and make the restaurant a natural part of the everyday life for the citizens of Stockholm.


The concept faced a few challenges, one being that Spanish food had received a bad reputation from poorly made and uninspired, tapas dishes. The mall environment also worked against the concept. Could we create a relationship and a reputation to a restaurant before it even opened, using influencers and social media? And how do you stay relevant within several contexts (breakfast, lunch, dinner and party)?

What we did

We identified a number of ambassadors, whom were to carry the message of Boqueria. Since the restaurant hadn’t yet opened, we invited the ambassadors for dinner at the home of the restaurant owners and to give feedback on the given concept. The week before the launch, we gave the ambassadors the opportunity to invite friends and colleagues for dinner at Boqueria to test the new concept in full-scale before everyone else. A press lunch was also implemented the week before the launch, giving food, design and fashion journalist the chance to try out the new concept. This, together with a grand opening with the ambassadors, was held to spread to word in Stockholm.


Extremely high activity across social media and great loyalty among the chosen ambassadors transformed Boqueria into an institution in Stockholm’s restaurant scene and nightlife. Over 1,000 posts across social media and 120 clippings in major newspapers raised awareness of the restaurant across Stockholm, as well as residents in the rest of Sweden. Boquerian has been fully booked nearly everyday since the launch. AWB won silver in the category for the “Word-of-mouth –campaign” in 2012 for the launch of Boqueria.