Atrium Ljungberg is one of Sweden’s largest listed property companies with shopping malls across Stockholm. Their mission is to position each of their malls as part of everyday life for all citizens. AWB was assigned the mission of creating an engaging campaign to validate the desired position of and contributing to everyday life in society.

Atrium Ljungberg wanted to create and engage both retailers and visitors of the retail spaces, a campaign that could drive traffic and increase sales. But most of all, it had to be a concept that could make a difference.


During 2014 and 2015, the world experienced its biggest humanitarian disaster since World War II. The civil war in Syria affected millions of people and several countries in the world trying to help refugees. Sweden welcomed almost 200,000 refugees. Many needed immediate help with basic needs of housing, clothing and food. What could Atrium Ljungberg do to help?


The solution was a integrated campaign based on a collaboration between Atrium Ljungberg and NGO/Children’s’ rights charity Erikshjälpen, followed by homeless organisation Stadsmissionen.

The campaign, Återwin-win, urged shopping mall visitors to donate clothes that would be either be sent directly to refugees in Lebanon or fiber recovery where the earnings were used to assist efforts in exposed areas. In 2015 and 2016 Återwin-win and Stadsmissionen worked to help local citizens experiencing hardships to find their way back into society.


Atrium Ljungberg was able to collect 46 tons of clothing during 2014 and an all time high of 110 tons in 2015, breaking the goals by 140%! The total reach of the campaign in 2015 was over 29,500,000 in both print, digital and social media – 1200% higher than earlier years goal.



Atrium Ljungberg is one of Sweden’s biggest listed property companies. Atrium Ljungberg’s primary focus is on retail and offices, but to create vibrant urban environments they also own and develop residential properties and cultural services as well as educational facilities.

What we do

We work as a strategic and creative partner for Atrium Ljungberg. We support them with everything from creative concepts and campaigns and carrying these out to more tactic PR launches and graphic production. Look at the case ‘Återwin-win’ here.